Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween and the Happiest Place on Earth!

Many fun things have taken place at the Dennis household! Yes, Halloween was one of them! Adilyn has been wanting to be "Minnie Mouth" as she calls it, for months! We took her costume with us to Disney World a few weeks ago but she never wore it. We went to the Trunk or Treat on Friday night and it was a new experience for her. She was VERY nervous around all the costumes and once we went outside to trunk or treat she was all over it! She wouldn't let anyone put the candy in her bucket, nor would she allow them to hand it to her, mom had to take it. However, once she dropped that candy into her bucket, she was off to the next car. She thought this game was pretty funny. Four cars later, she wanted to go home :) On Halloween we went to a few neighbors with her best friend, Ella, the bee. They had a great time handing out candy and running around in the dark. Fun times! :)

(the order of the pics got messed up.....this is Addy with her peeps at Disney World the last night....we ran her into the ground, she has a fever here and is beat!)
Adilyn is constantly wanting to hold Ella's hand!

And then, a few weeks ago, we went to Disney World! It was amazing! We were there a week and we want to go back. Adilyn was nervous around all the characters except Minnie Mouth! She didn't want to touch her but she sure wanted to see her! All she talks about now that we are home is Belle, Aurora Sleeping Beauty, Ariel the Mermaid, Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse. Oh, and who can forget the castle? It was really fantastic and we had such a great time for our first family vacation! It was a bit much for Adilyn to be away from home for so long.....I think she just wanted some down time to watch Max and Ruby! :) However, we're so happy we went and can't wait for the next trip!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Daddy is finally home!

Well, he's home!!! Tim got back from his deployment on Wednesday night and Adilyn and I are so happy to have home. I was a bit nervous about how Addy would receive him since typically she tends to be more attached to me (understandably since Tim is gone quite a bit). It has been incredibly sweet to see how much she loves her Daddy! She has been hugging and kissing him, wanting him to do things with her and she keeps tabs on him wherever he goes! She's even been wanting him to put her to bed...."not Mommy!" It's amazing how much you love your spouse and child more when you see them love each other! I'll get Tim to post some pics from his journey and we'll blog more later.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And the countdown begins.....

Adilyn is 2!!!! Time has flown and now she is an independent, fun loving yet timid and self conscious little girl. She is mom's little helper in all, makeup and hair, cooking and in "making mommy happy" as she says. She was very spoiled with a kitchen set, makeup set, shopping cart, toaster, cinderella coach and more. Lots of fun for this summer! It is this little girl and the fun we have together that will get me through this......

The countdown has officially begun! Tim left on Sunday for his deployment. He'll be home in September. We had some wonderful time together the last week or so and did some fun things that I will post some pictures and video for. One awesome thing was we took Adilyn ice skating again. We went a few months ago but this time we've been "practicing" at home on the floor! It was a great time. We're looking forward to gymnastics, skating and the pool, oh and a trip to Utah, to get us through this summer until Daddy comes home! I have to say thanks to all the ladies in the neighborhood, church and the squadron....they truly have become family and I appreciate all your love and support! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! This weekend was a fun one with all the celebrations. Saturday we had our Easter Egg Hunt at the church. Adilyn wasn't too sure about all the craziness but it was cute to see her stuff items into her basket. What was even cuter was to see her put eggs and things into other baskets. I guess she thought those children needed to have those eggs! That's my girl, already sharing! :)

Below are a few pictures with her in her dress. They aren't the greatest but that's what you get with a crazy camera, bad lighting, and 2.5 seconds before getting into the car for church. She was most excited about getting her Elmo from the bunny.....oh, and of course, the candy. Her b-day is Thursday so stay tuned for pictures on that! Do I really have a 2 year old....where did the time go?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time flies and then there's a ponytail...or is it a pigtail?

I have been sorting through some pictures of Adilyn and came across these that I love. A friend of ours did this photo shoot of her when she was just a few months old. Addy will be 2 next month and it's exciting and sad at the same time...where did my baby go? All I know is....I REALLY DO have a toddler! :) She is so much fun, she loves to cook, read (if I have to read the Moose or the Pig one more time I just might go crazy), play with Daddy and the puppies, clean and watch Baby Signing Time. We have a great time together. This weekend my dad came to visit and it was fun to see her with "Boppa". I'll post more pictures of his trip later, we had a HUGE snowstorm and took him on a tour of the C-17....that was Addy's favorite part!

So, the time flies and then you can finally have this.....a pigtail!!! It has taken almost 2 years but we have finally enough hair for a pigtail...or is it a ponytail? Not sure, who cares, at least we have one :).

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Wow, Christmas has come and gone and so has 2008! So much has happened and we're so happy and blessed to be where we are. I think I was more excited for Christmas than anyone in my little family. Although Adilyn loves the tree, star, Santa (not in person though, come on, does any 20 month old)! She did not, however, like presents! She wanted nothing to do with them until we had unwrapped it completely and she could see it was a toy. All my hard work of wrapping EVERYTHING went totally unappreciated. Oh well, it looked pretty under the tree! Here are some photos since that's what you've really come to this blog to see, right? Hope everyone had a great Holiday!! :)


Her rocking horse, maybe her favorite...
Or maybe the cooking set is her favorite....
What a disaster!

Christmas Eve, helping mom cook, well, she needed a break!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boyfriends and Mommy's Helper

Adilyn and Carsen (her boyfriend)
Did someone call Merry Maids?

Daddy's gift from Turkey....matching jackets!
Yes, I am very much aware of how little hair my child has and how she is often called a boy! :)

Where does the time go? I can't believe how quickly Adilyn is changing and growing up. She has become quite the talker and she loves to be mommy's little helper. Tim has been to some pretty neat places, I'll have to let him post on that but he did make it to India on the last trip! Thanksgiving was great! We fried a turkey again and invited some friends and the missionaries over. I am now doing overtime in the gym to make up for the holiday! :)
I am trying to get better at taking more pictures lately so I'll try to post them as the holiday season progresses. I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!